Sunday, 11 August 2019

The Best Laid Plans...

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!
A word of advice. When planning new ventures (say, for instance, a radical reworking of your work blog...) it's a good idea to not do this around the time of a major change in your personal life. It's even less of an idea to do it when you have two such life-changing situations going on.
In my defence, when I decided to relaunch the blog and produce more regular content for it, I wasn't planning on changing my job within a month of doing so (although, with hindsight, the fact that I had applied for the new job and there was the possibility of the change happening was something I maybe could have factored in...) I certainly wasn't expecting to suddenly have to deal with all the implications of the death of my dad, and all that goes along with such an event. But, the simple fact is, life rarely goes as smoothly as you would expect (or hope). Certainly, I'd like to avoid anything like the kind of stress I've had to deal with over the last couple of months happening again any time soon, thank you very much.
Still, I have managed to maintain some level of ongoing posts here, which is something. Mostly this has been because it's not been something that I've had to think too hard about. My concentration and ability to focus on such things as sitting and painting for hours on end has been hopelessly lacking and, frankly, the blogging has been a comfortable way of at least feeling like I'm doing something constructive during the recent vicissitudes.
But it's all over now, aside from wrapping up dad's effects, moving stuff into storage and other tasks which, while needing to be done, aren't going to have quite the same impact on my time or focus. I can, at last, put all my energies into getting into a rhythm with the job and my work here in the shed. I can catch up with the huge backlog of work. There's painting to be done, reviews to be written, parcels to be sent...
I must just say a huge thank you for all your messages of support over the last few weeks, and for the understanding of those who are waiting for work that was supposed to be delivered ages ago. My idea of "Woop woop, nowI can get all caught up and make everybody happy!" went right out the window. I now need to get my head down and see what I can do about making all those very patient people happy.
I'll leave you with some pictures of Madge, from Hasslefree. The only miniature I've managed to finish to a decent standard in the last two months...

Thanks for reading!

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