Sunday, 25 August 2019

Warcry Diary: Day 2

DAY TWO Wednesday 14th August
Ugh, has it really been over a week? That sucks. Well, at least I managed to sneak an hour's worth of assembly in today, and got all the barricades and little loose pieces of scenery done. It's not much, I'll admit, but it's something and, honestly, with the last few weeks I've had, I'm glad for that something. Anyway, the plan is to try and get all the scenery put together by the end of the weekend, then get the figures stuck together by the end of the month so that The Better Half and I can get a game in on one of the rare occasions we get an evening off together. I'll leave you with some not entirely exciting pictures of the bits I did today...

Warcry Diary: Day 1

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

With everyone and their dog doing posts about Warcry, I was wondering what I could do to bring something different to the table. Then it occurred to me, there's all these posts by pros who got the set in advance of release, had days in which they could devote themselves to getting it all ready and built and painted and photographed, etc. etc. So I thought, "How about looking at it from the perspective of an everyday gamer, with limited hobby time, and how he/she would get on with getting the set ready for play." So that's what I'm going to do. And the thing is, I don't have to make anything up. I am an everyday gamer with limited hobby time. I genuinely bought Warcry as a way to get some proper gaming done with The Better Half, so I have real reasons to get in done as quickly as possible, but with only one or two hours some nights in order to do it. So I'm going to be documenting the build, from sprue to first game and beyond, in the form of my Warcry diary.
The Eightpoints beckon. Have at it!

DAY ONE Monday 5th August.
So, I bought Warcry on Saturday, and managed to have a good look at it and do a bit of an unboxing review of the contents, which you can see here. On Sunday I didn't manage to get any hobby time, due to Real World Stuff, but I have managed to get some done today. I decide I'd begin by assembling the terrain. I've never put together any terrain kits before, so I was really interested to see how this lot was going to go together. The first bits I tackled were the bell tower and the state. I utilised the guide to sticking the terrain together from Waywalker Studios and the video from Blackjack Legacy, to make sure I wasn't sticking any bits down that I shouldn't be. I left the skeletons from the alcoves in the bell tower unglued as well, for ease of painting later. A bit of Blu-Tak keeps them in place for now. As suggested, I've kept the steps on both, and the platform on the statue separate.
Total time spent: 2 hours.

Saturday, 24 August 2019

GW Pre-Orders Round-Up 24/08

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

It's time for the latest round-up of pre-orders from GW and, with the Space Marine releases behind us (for now...) it's the turn of the specialist games to get some love.

Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress gets a big update this week, with the release of Escalation. New missions, new heroes, new villains, new board sections and a new way of playing. This one really does have it all. I have got to get my hands on a set of those miniatures, too. Jaw-dropping sculpts. And there has to be a Chaos Cultist Codex on the horizon soon, surely?

Kill Team gets a new starter set this week. While there's nothing new in the box it's still a great way of getting all the bits you need to get going in the game, with two kill teams (although I have to say I find the choice of teams in the box a bit dull), scenery and a board, plus the rulebook and cards. Hopefully GW will have learnt from their previous release and have made enough to keep this one on the shelves a bit longer than the first starter set. Even more hopefully, we may see a re-release of the now out of stock killzones, too...

Middle-Earth SBG gets some re-releases this week, too, with a whole host of miniatures going up as Made To Order:
Moria Armoured Goblin Warriors
Kings of Men
Twilight Ringwraiths
Dwarf Kings
The Death of Gothmog
Casualty Pack
Goblin King Throwing Goblin
Mordor Orc Warriors

Get them while you can...
Meanwhile,* over on Forge World, the White Scars get a new unit in the shape of the Golden Keshig Jetbiker and Champion.

And that's about it for this week. Rumour has it that next week is the release of the new version of Aeronautica Imperialis...
Thanks for reading!

*Love that word.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Kickstarter Round-Up 18/08/2019

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!
It's time, once again, to have a look at what is occurring in the world of Kickstarter...

Breachstorm is a 30mm sci-fi tactical skirmish game for units of 6-8 elite troops with a narrative-based playstyle. Breachstorm: Reloaded is a new set of pewter and resin miniatures for the game, including core units, specialists and characters. There's some really nice-looking miniatures on show here and, from what I can see from the videos on the page, the game itself looks pretty good, too.

Up next is another skirmish game, this time in a fantasy setting. Chronicles of the Wayfarer: Heroes looks like a real quality product from Boyd's Toys, with a number of warbands ready from the get-go, each with their own heroes, troops and specialists. The production values on this make it look like it is the product of a much larger outfit ad the miniatures in particular look excellent. One to watch.

Moving from games to miniatures, we come to Goldfield from Evocatus Miniatures. this is a range of 28mm print-at-home miniatures of medieval villagers, perfect for fantasy (and some historical) settings. There's even a test miniature you can download.* There's some really interesting little sets on offer here, with fishermen and workers, hunters, children...

Moving up the scale a bit, to the Femmes Fatales, a range of 75mm resin kits from First Legion. These are, as they themselves say, a stunning collection of sculpts. I particularly like the Savage Female Warrior, perched on the pile of skulls. Loads of character in these kits, and some really nice poses. Originally these were designed to be large scale, before they were shrunk down and released in a smaller scale. I must say they deserved the big treatment.

In the same scale, and with equally as impressive sculpts, are the Cyber Belles from Ouroboros Miniatures. The Belles are a trio of fairies, equipped for the digital age. Of particular note are the clear resin parts available for their wings, a nice touch. Again, these are awesome sculpts and make a superb set.

The Lost Adventures, from 3D Printed Tabletop, is all you need for a self-contained roleplaying adventure. It contains home-printed 3D miniatures, terrain and props, printable maps and a 5E-compatible adventure. There's an awful lot of care and attention to detail that's gone into this set, and I've had a look at the free sample encounter** they've provided and I'm going to ask if I can  use it when Die Rolling do their next public appearance...

Sticking with home 3D printing, Tomb Guardian Miniatures have unearthed a lost dwarven mine. This set of modular floor tiles is held together with magnets and compatible with the Dwarven Forge and Dragonlock systems. There's even special rooms with LED lights, figures and a mule! There's some superb room layouts on show here, and the modular nature means no two dungeons need ever be the same.

Some more modular 3D home printed terrain now, this time it's of a sci-fi bent. From B&B Game Designs comes the Bannii Military Outpost. Ideal as a moonbase or some sort of frontier outpost. The beauty of this set is that the buildings themselves are simple, blank shapes. The details are all on stick-on panels, giving a wide range of possibilities. Their ones have been painted a standard grey but, with the right paintjob, they could just as easily be desert sand, concrete...

Finally, from Unreal Gaming Studios, comes Titan Wars, a set of bases for 10mm miniatures. These highly detailed resin bases work perfectly with GW's Adeptus Titanicus models (some might say it was planned that way...) and set them off beautifully. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and there's also some terrain pieces to go with them. Honestly, if I was a collector of Adeptus Titanicus miniatures I'd be seriously tempted to use these bases.

Okay, that's it for now. Plenty there to get your teeth into. If you do happen to follow up on any of these projects, please tell them where you heard about them, and I'd love to know if you back any of them- it'd be great to know that my efforts here have helped with these projects. And, if you have a Kickstarter that you would like me to feature (or even do a more in-depth write-up of), or know of one I've missed, please drop me a line.

Thanks for reading!

*Which I have done and I'll report back on it as soon as I've had the chance to get to my local library and print it out...
**It's possible I'm going to be spending quite some time in the library...

Friday, 16 August 2019

GW Pre-Order Round-Up 17/08/2019

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

It's time for the week's round-up of what's new to pre-order from  GW and, like last week, it's all about the Astartes. If you're a non-Space Marine player your wallet gets a rest this week.
The big release is also the only truly new release this week. The Invictor Tactical Warsuit is a lightweight stealth Dreadnought(!) that is bristling with guns and options, including a heavy bolter that it uses as a pistol...

The rest of this week's releases are three Space Marine characters that were previously only available in campaign boxed sets.
The Primaris Lieutenant with Power Sword was originally in the Wake the Dead boxed set and the Librarian in Phobos Armour and Captain in Phobos Armour were both in the more recent Shadowspear boxed set. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that. Got to admit, though, I do like that Librarian. I'm particularly glad to see these Marine models get a general release so soon, as it puts paid to the scalpers charging OTT prices for them. I hope the Marine troops and Chaos stuff from the Shadowspear box will be released individually soon too, and I really hope these guys are gong to make an appearance in some extra issues of Conquest later down the line...
I wonder what next week will bring..?
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 11 August 2019

The Best Laid Plans...

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!
A word of advice. When planning new ventures (say, for instance, a radical reworking of your work blog...) it's a good idea to not do this around the time of a major change in your personal life. It's even less of an idea to do it when you have two such life-changing situations going on.
In my defence, when I decided to relaunch the blog and produce more regular content for it, I wasn't planning on changing my job within a month of doing so (although, with hindsight, the fact that I had applied for the new job and there was the possibility of the change happening was something I maybe could have factored in...) I certainly wasn't expecting to suddenly have to deal with all the implications of the death of my dad, and all that goes along with such an event. But, the simple fact is, life rarely goes as smoothly as you would expect (or hope). Certainly, I'd like to avoid anything like the kind of stress I've had to deal with over the last couple of months happening again any time soon, thank you very much.
Still, I have managed to maintain some level of ongoing posts here, which is something. Mostly this has been because it's not been something that I've had to think too hard about. My concentration and ability to focus on such things as sitting and painting for hours on end has been hopelessly lacking and, frankly, the blogging has been a comfortable way of at least feeling like I'm doing something constructive during the recent vicissitudes.
But it's all over now, aside from wrapping up dad's effects, moving stuff into storage and other tasks which, while needing to be done, aren't going to have quite the same impact on my time or focus. I can, at last, put all my energies into getting into a rhythm with the job and my work here in the shed. I can catch up with the huge backlog of work. There's painting to be done, reviews to be written, parcels to be sent...
I must just say a huge thank you for all your messages of support over the last few weeks, and for the understanding of those who are waiting for work that was supposed to be delivered ages ago. My idea of "Woop woop, nowI can get all caught up and make everybody happy!" went right out the window. I now need to get my head down and see what I can do about making all those very patient people happy.
I'll leave you with some pictures of Madge, from Hasslefree. The only miniature I've managed to finish to a decent standard in the last two months...

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Kickstarter Round-Up 10/08/2019

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

It's been a little while since I did a round-up of what's new in the world of Kickstarter for the miniature gamer/painter so...
We'll start with a sngle figure release, the Oldschool Bugbear Champion from Meridian Miniatures.

Next up, we have Plague Fields, Nurgle-esque fantasy football team by Hungry Troll, cast in resin and metal.

In a similar vein are the Lords of Corruption, a fantasy football team with a distinctly Cthulhu-esque feel, from Willy Miniatures.

Moving away from fantasy football, but staying in the fantasy realm, we have the Desert of the Dead, filling that Tomb King hole quite nicely, thanks to TTCombat.

Staying with the undead theme, but going into the realm of sci-fi, we have the Necrodroids from Wendy's Miniatures.

More sci-fi, and of a distinctly old-school feel, is the third wave of Colony 87, from Crooked Dice.

Finally, and of a definitely different stripe, are Alice's Adventures in Gerunderland Part 1: Attack of the Killer Bunnies. Yes, you read that right, and they come from the Little Soldier Company.

And on that note, we'll draw this round-up to a close. I'll be back with another one soon.
Thanks for reading!