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Kickstarter Round Up 25/06/2019

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

My apologies for the lateness of this post again. In The Real World I am transitioning from one job to another, and working in one while undergoing the training for the other, so my personal time over the next couple of weeks is going to be severely limited. I'm going to try to maintain the blogging schedule as best I can but I ask you to bear with me as I try to fit it in when I can.
Still, the show must go on and, with that in mind, here's this week's look at what's going on in the world of miniature Kickstarters...

Starting small this week, with Andrehyos from Paint'Riot Studio. This is the first in their planned line of miniatures based around Greek and Atlantyde myth and I think they're going to be worth watching in the future.

Next up we have NoMad from Old Gamers Workshop. These are the first in a line of anthropomorphic post-apocalyptic 28mm miniatures and this set of characterful sculpts includes a wolf, a wild boar and a...hamster. Yep.

For those who like to print their own miniatures at home (or in your local library*) Throne Down Games have just the thing for you, with their new range of Titans of Arborea, some big monsters for your fantasy games. And there's a dice tower, too! There's some spectacular designs here but I suspect they'll take some printing...

Stepping straight from the worlds of HP Lovecraft is Echoes from Midian Design. Five heroes and a Shoggoth make up this collection, suitable for board games and RPG's of a certain flavour...

This next one is a project I have to promote, as they are sculpted by my good friend and former fellow 'eavy Metal cellmate, Paul Muller. The Powrie are new from Cauldron Born Miniatures and I think they're just great. I'm working with Paul on an upcoming project (more on that soon) and anything he does is worth looking at.

From Ridgeback Studios come the Servants of Chaos, a range of 32mm and 75mm miniatures in the superheroic-proportions-with-big-weapons style. Big...err...weapons, for sure.

From Skeleton Head Toys comes a set of seriously outlandish sculpts, appropriately-named Demons From Hell. With some truly grotesque, imaginative sculpts, this is a really interesting set and shows that you can do disturbing monsters without covering them in oversized genitalia...

Coming back down to much a more human scale, we have the Dark Shadow Cultists from Dark Fable Miniatures. Mind you, I wouldn't trust these guys any more than those Demons. This set is ideal to add a collection of suitably sinister priests and cultists to your games...

And last, but by no means least, comes Super Fantasy Brawl, a new game of fantasy arena combat from Mythic Games. With some superb character designs and high production values, this looks thoroughly awesome. With the amount of funding it's already received it doesn't need any promotion from me, but go check it out!

Right, that's it from me, I'm off to bed. Another busy day tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

*I'm not kidding. I went into my local library last week, to print out some D&D character sheets, and they had a 3D printer running, and said I could book it to print whatever I wanted...amazing! Support Your Local Library!

Monday, 24 June 2019

Review: Two From RNEstudio and the new White Dwarf

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

Welcome to my first ever review!
When I was relaunching the blog I contacted a number of companies to ask them if they were interested in sending me information on upcoming releases for me to feature on the blog. I also mentioned that, if they were interested in sending me anything to review, I would be happy to do so. Although a number of companies mentioned sending me information, two went mad and decided to send me stuff to review! That's placing a lot of faith in an unknown, and I really appreciate it. I just wanted it known, however, that I will be completely open an honest in my reviews and I won't be influenced or biased in any way, whether I've been sent stuff, or if I've bought it myself.
Of the two companies that sent me stuff, one was from Instar Paint, who sent me a set of their new Spectrum Paints and their Water+. That review will come in time, but I wanted to do a proper analysis of the product, in order to give it a fair review, and it will take a little while to do so.
The other company that sent me stuff was RNEstudio, a company that produces resin miniatures for a number of ranges. They have sent me two figures for me to have a look at. In time, I'll get some paint on them but I wanted to give my thoughts on the models themselves first, so here goes:

The miniatures I received are Survivor: Cloe from the From Wasteland range, and Kyara from Mythbowl. First off, a quick note about the packaging. As you can see, from the pictures below, the miniatures come in plastic clamshells, which clip shut across the top. This packaging is really good for protecting the miniatures but the clips are quite hard to undo, and can result in the models pinging across the floor/desk/cat*

Once you crack open the packaging** the models are superb. I'm always a bit dubious when packaging shows the 3D renders rather than the miniatures themselves, but these models really have every micron of detail from the renders. They are both cast in resin, Kyara being a single-piece model, while Cloe is in two pieces. The models are delicate without being fragile and more realistically proportioned than, say, GW's "heroic scale", with much more accurate scaling on heads and hands. Both are roughly 32mm to their eye level, which means that, even with the more realistic sculpting, they won't look out of place mixed in with GW, Privateer or Raging Heroes, for instance. Kyra, particularly, would look great in a Slaaneshi-themed Chaos Blood Bowl team. The casting quality is superb, too, with minimal, almost non-existant mould lines or flash and every detail crisp and sharp. My only real criticism is that the posing on Cloe is a little static. I'd like to have seen her a little more dynamic, but it is a minor criticism. I like the pose on Kyra, though, with her hand outstretched, beckoned her opponent forward.

The verdict? Excellent models and highly recommended. If this is an indication of the normal level of quality from RNEstudio then I cannot recommend them enough. They are well-priced, too, at just 12€ each. I'm hoping to get the chance to get these two painted over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, get yourself over to RNEstudio's website and get a good look at the rest of their range. You won't be disappointed.

Next up for review is the latest issue (June 2019) of White Dwarf. This issue has arrived much later in the month than usual, with no explanation from GW as to why but, as the next issue is due out on July 19th, it seems that mid-month is the new time for White Dwarf to hit the shelves.

The latest issue of the new-look monthly is the first to have a "proper" editor (in the shape of Lyle Lowery) as opposed to the guest editors it's had since the relaunch at the beginning of the year. What his will mean in terms of content, and whether the new helmer will stamp any individual style on the magazine, remains to be seen as this issue pretty much follows the format of the previous issues. It's broken into sections, with the AoS section mostly taken up with features on the Fyreslayers, including a short story, some background and an army list for the Vostarg Lodge. there's also a painting guide including an all-too-brief look at some of the new Contrast paints. The 40k section is more of a mixed bag, including an update on the Tale Of Four Warlords, a short story from Imperium Nihilus and a large battle report of Ultramarines vs. Genestealer Cults on Vigilus. There's some new rules for some Daemons of Slaanesh, too. 
There's also a fair bit of content for the Specialist Games. LotR gets the first part of a new campaign for M-E SBG:BC***, which focuses on the bad guys for a change. Kill Team gets some crossover rules, allowing you to use the Blackstone Fortress floor tiles as the battleground for some new missions. Blackstone Fortress itself gets some new missions, based around an Ambull hunt, which is continued in the next issue. there's a look at Glory Points in Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault and Blood Bowl gets a close look at The Greenfield Grasshuggers Halfling team. There's an interview with Aaron Demski-Bowden, where he talks about (amongst other things) his Emperor's Spears chapter of Adeptus Astartes, and there's a short story featuring them by him too. There's also a look at the new Chaos bane video game.
So, a packed issue with loads of content but there's one glaring omission for me: Paint. GW have done a huge new update to the paint range this month and, aside from some mini-tutorials in the Fyreslayers section, there's barely a mention of the new paints. I was hoping for some in-depth guides to the new paints (and not just Contrast- there's clear paints, new air paints, it's a huge update to the range), maybe an interview with some of the guys responsible for formulating the new range, some background on the development process, an overview of what's new, a section of beautifully-painted models showcasing the new range...but there's almost nothing and, as far as I'm concerned, that's a real let-down, and it highlights an issue I have with the new-style magazine. Since the relaunch, GW have gone to great lengths to present White Dwarf as a magazine, rather than just a showcase of their products and they've succeeded in doing so. Finally, GW can truly give the middle finger to all those idiots who insist on leaping into every conversation about White Dwarf on social media and proclaiming "I stopped reading it back in 19xx because it's just a catalogue..." but, in doing so, I think they've thrown the baby out with the bathwater. Yes, there's a good spread of articles. Yes, it's now a proper magazine. I might be in the minority but I have to say I miss the "what's new this month" section. I miss seeing the latest miniatures in the magazine. I liked being able to go back through them and find a particular set of miniatures in a particular issue. It was really useful reference, apart from anything else. Yes, I know I can see all the models on t'interwebs but some go out of production or there's sometimes ones you forget about. Plus, White Dwarf just isn't White Dwarf without the latest stuff from the 'eavy Metal team, as far as I'm concerned.
Anyway, that gripe aside, this months issue is a really good read, and a worthwhile purchase. And it's still a really good price****.

So, that's it for my first review page. I hope you enjoyed it. If there's ever anything you want me to review, please get in touch. In the meantime, I'm going to leave you with a bit of last-minute news of a couple of competitions running on Facebook at the moment. (If you enter them, it'd be really cool if you could mention where you heard about the competitions...😁 ).

If you fancy getting hold of a Start Collecting Seraphon box, get yourself over to TAGO Collectibles' Facebook page. You'll need to sign up to their webpage, and like and share the post to be in with a chance of winning. 
Meanwhile, over on their Facebook page Scale 75 are offering (I think- it's a little hard to get what the prize is) their new Despair bust, Chronicles of Run card game and Zerobyte figure if you like, share and comment on (the ideal time to mention where you heard about the comp... 😉) on the post. 
Hurry up though, both competitions are only open until June 26th!

Right, that's it for me. Sorry the post is a little late today. It's a busy week for me in the real world...

Thanks for reading!

*Izzy was not impressed to find a small, resin female hit her in the face...
**And retrieved the model from the cat, of course...
***There is no way I am ever writing out that name in full. E-ver.
****Unless you're one of those "Back in my day it was only half a shekel" types...

Saturday, 22 June 2019

This Week's Games Workshop Pre-Orders 22/6/19


Good morning/evening/afternoon everyone!

After last week's massive drop of new products (mostly paint), the pre-orders are a bit thin on the ground this week. Players and collectors of 40k can let their wallets take a breather, as there's nothing for them at all this week, and there's no new miniatures for AoS either.
Similarly, there's nothing at all for the Specialist Games* range either, but LotR does get some love, at least. 

So, the only pre-order for Age of Sigmar is the 2019 General's Handbook. This essential update is chock-full of new rules for Matched, Open and Narrative games, and includes a separate, 32 page booklet of Pitched Battles Profiles. The Handbook is also available as a Warlord Edition (which comes with a host of cards) and an ePub version.

On the miniatures front, as previously mentioned, only Lord of the Rings sees any pre-orders this week and they are all re-releases. So, we have: Radagast the Brown in a pack of three models, one on foot, on on his sleigh and one that can be mounted on a great eagle. Then we have another pair of three-packs: The Ranger Captains: Foromir, Madril and Damrod, and The Lords of Umbar. Next up is the pairing of Balin, King of Moria, and Floi Stonehand. There's a pack of six Warriors of the Fiefdoms, and an Army of the Dead Banner Bearer. Finally, there is the Cave Drake (shown below.)

Moving over to Forge World, there is a similar dearth of releases, with only the set of five White Scars Legion Ebon Keshig Terminators for Horus Heresy to keep you going. 

So that's all there is from GW this week. It seems they're giving everyone's wallet a rest in preparation for the upcoming Apocalypse...

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

*I know that's not what they're officially called any more, but I like the name and I'm going to keep using it, so there...

Friday, 21 June 2019

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team: Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii Part 1: Building the team

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!
I little while back, a friend (hi Lewis!) gifted me a box of Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii. I've always loved the AdMech model range and have long thought about having a go at painting some up for myself and now I have the perfect opportunity.
I've been thinking about getting a few Kill Teams together to try to convince The Better Half to play a few games with me- with the Warhammer 40,000: Conquest series I've been collecting, I've built up a couple of playmats and a fair amount of scenery, perfect for small Kill Team games. As luck would have it, the Skitarii box is the same as the figures from the Kill Team starter set.
Seems like serendipity to me...
So, knowing nothing about Kill Team (I haven't got the rule book yet) I headed for the interwebs to find a good starting force loadout, and see what weapon options were recommended. After a couple of hours' searching and comparing lists, I came up with this list:

Skitarii Vanguard Alpha: Leader, Arc Pistol, Taser Goad (11 pts)
Skitarii Ranger: Comms, Galvanic Rifle, Omnispex (14 pts)
Skitarii Ranger Gunner: Sniper, Transuranic Arquebus (15 pts)
Skitarii Vanguard Gunner: Heavy, Plasma Caliver (13 pts)
Skitarii Vanguard: Radium Carbine, Enhanced Data-Tether (10 pts)
Skitarii Ranger: Galvanic Rifle (9 pts)
Skitarii Ranger: Galvanic Rifle (9 pts)
Skitarii Vanguard: Radium Carbine (9 pts)
Skitarii Vanguard Gunner: Arc Rifle (10 pts)
Total: 100 pts

I reckon that's a fairly balanced set-up (from what little I know but, please, feel free to comment below if you think I've done something wrong...) and it even leaves me with a spare miniature, should I want to add another model later. I suspect I'm going to add more to it, just for the sake of getting more miniatures as I like them so much, and I've got my eye on the Theta-7 Acquisitus box (I love those Sicarian models, and the character model is cool, too) which I can use to add a Scout and a Zealot, and I just have to have the Magos Dalathrust Commander box. That model is too cool not to own...
Anyway, on with getting the models ready to paint. As you can see from the pictures below, I've opted to keep the legs separate, to make it easier to get to the inside of the cloaks. I'll be posting a step-by-step tutorial on how to paint them very soon.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 20 June 2019

New Releases Round Up 20/6/19

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

Here's this week's roundup of new miniatures releases:

Recreate your favourite episode of the A-Team, but with greenskins! Maxmini have added to their Orc Alliance with the Willys...

Orcs in Jeeps not your thing? How about giant, walking fungi? Krakon Games have added the Fungal Troll to their Mykelings faction. I bet he gets invited to lots of parties...*

While Legends of Signum have a heavily armed and armoured dead guy, in the form of their new Zombie With Two-Handed Sword.

Fancy a Melt- er, I mean a Magma Cannon for your Rhi- err, Legionary APC? Kromlech have you covered...

Looking for a new fantasy army? Raging Heroes have a whole host of new releases for their Lust Elves, of which Dumariah the Nagalith Spearwoman is just one...

Fancy a couple of historical characters? Well, here's one from Footsore Miniatures, Morvan Lez Breizh, Breton Chieftan:

No photo description available.

And Wargames Illustrated have added King Leonidas to their Giants In Miniature range. This model is strictly limited to 500 pieces, so get it while you can!


If you're in the mood for something in a larger scale:

Privateer Press have announced the first of their large-scale Legendary line, The Totem Huntress. This model is available at the Lock & Load Gamefest and will then be released for sale online.

Finally, for this week, Games Workshop have announced the store anniversary miniatures for the next year.  There's one for 40k and one for Age of Sigmar. The 40k figure is a Primaris Space Marine Veteran Sergeant (at least it's not a Lieutenant...) in a thoughtful pose. The AoS one is a Stormcast Eternal Knight-Questor, getting ready to deal some hurt**. Check out the Warhammer Community page to see when your nearest shop is due to have these available (I need to be in Barnstaple on 29/11, otherwise I'm going to have to wait until the 4/4 next year to go to either Taunton or Exeter and, I'd just like to point out, what a bloody stupid idea it is to have the two shops that are nearest to each other, in the south-west of England, have their anniversaries on the same day. It means that fans in this area have to go to one or the other, rather than both. Seriously GW, that's just a wasted opportunity...) Also, a reminder that Warhammer Day is just a week away on the 29th June, which will be your opportunity to purchase the new Sisters of Battle miniature. I know I'm going to try to get to the Taunton store and grab one (if you're there, say "hi!").

Okay, that's it for this week's new releases round-up. If there's anything you'd like me to feature in next Thursday's post, drop me a line.

Thanks for reading!

*Why? Because he's a fun guy...!..........I'll get my coat...
** Actually, she kinda looks like she's getting ready to pull a Malken special (and, if you don't know what that means, I suggest you head on over to twitch.tv/DieRolling and watch the latest episode, you might find out...)

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest Poxwalkers

Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone!
So, a couple of weeks ago I announced my goal to paint the entire run of Warhammer 40,000: Conquest miniatures, starting at the halfway point of the series. It's a tall order, especially for me, with my well-known lack of speed or ability to see things through, but I'm really going to try and stick with this until the bitter end. However, I have made a decision (not a cop-out). I've been thinking hard about what I want to do with these models. I definitely want to do the Death Guard as a playable army but I've been undecided about what to do with the Space Marine half of the set. I have no interest in doing a Space Marine army (while I like painting individual Marines, I hate painting squads of them...), especially as it's now been confirmed that the set will include older models like the Scouts, Bikers and Land Speeder, instead of the Shadowspear Vanguard Primaris I was hoping they'd replace them with. I have absolutely no interest in those models, beyond maybe using the Scouts for Kill Team. So, with that in mind I've decided to focus purely on the Death Guard (still not a cop-out) side of the set. I will definitely paint up at least some of the Space Marine side (especially the character models- it would be criminal not to paint them...), but they will more likely be used for one-off paint schemes (I've got GW's Contrast Paints and Instar's Spectrum Paints to try out) and for things like Kill Teams. It also means my compartmentalising mind can stop going "No, you can't paint him as a Raven Guard, because you'll have to do the whole army like that...) and I can actually enjoy painting the Marines the way I'd like to...

Anyway, let's have a look at the last couple of issues of Conquest, as they go together.

Issues 41 and 42 are the two halves of the Plagueburst Crawler and, however you look at it, represent some of the best value we've yet seen from the magazine. Together, these two issues cost £16, and the Crawler normally retails at £40... I know the Space Marine characters represent a huge saving over retail too, but these two issues really show the value of this magazine. Frankly, I'd balk at the cost of buying any model for £40 in one hit, but to spread the cost like this, I'd have been happy if it was spread over three issues. As it is, I'm able to buy two of the kits for less than the price of one...
So I did. I doubled my order at my newsagents for these two issues (something I really wish I'd done for the Chaos Rhino and Myphitic Blight-Hauler issues.) so I now have two of these mighty siege tanks to put together...
Inside the magazines are articles on the Plagueburst Crawlers, including assembly and painting guides, background and a datasheet. There's also background information on the Garden Of Nurgle, The Ages of Mankind, The Eye Of Terror, the Space Wolves chapter of Space Marines and Warzone:Fenris. there's also a painting article about adding highlights to the Death Guard. Some information and background is provided regarding the new battle mat, representing a section of the city of Kaylon, and how to use the new scenery that will be coming in later issues. I have to say, I'd pretty much dismissed the magazine at first, and saw it as nothing of consequence for a seasoned veteran like myself but, actually, I've been impressed with the quality of articles presented within. The background is a fairly lightweight, watered-down version of what you'd find in a Codex, but it's a great introduction to the world of 40k for a beginner, and the battleplans are really good and provide a comprehensive way of learning the game. I was originally going to ditch the magazines, but I find myself wanting to hold on to them now, and wish I'd ordered some binders...

Anyway, moving on to the painting...

The first models I've decided to do are the first two batches of Poxwalkers. These models arrived with issues 4 and 9 of Conquest and consist of two identical sprues of six models. There will be more Poxwalkers to come much later in the run, but I'll deal with them when they arrive. 

I'd hoped to have these models finished within the first week, meaning my plan of doing two weeks' worth of painting each week would get off to a flying start, but things being what they are, it didn't quite work out as planned (do things ever work out as planned...?) As it was, the delay was fortuitous, as it has enabled me to have a go at using the new Contrast Paints on these guys.

So, first off, the models were assembled and one set was given a spray of the new Wraithbone spray, and one set with the Grey Seer spray, to introduce a slight variation in the skin tones of the finished models. I know some people have gone whole hog and converted their Poxwalkers to make them more individual but, frankly, I couldn't be bothered. I'm not that concerned about them looking that different (I grew up in the days of maybe four or five variants of each troop type- to be honest, sixteen different models is a luxury for what is only ever going to be cannon fodder troops...) I should point out that the flaky and patchy effect on the models is entirely planned, using a secret technique, and not at all a fortunate by-product of trying to strip off a previous layer of primer (not Citadel) that went on badly...I've based the models on Necromunda bases, as I intend to base the entire army on  a these and Sector Mechanicus bases.

Grey Seer undercoat
Wraithbone undercoat
So, that's where I'm going to leave it for this week, as time has beaten me to the punch. Next week I'll be back with the finished Poxwalkers and a step-by-step guide to painting them, using the Contrast Paints.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 17 June 2019

Kickstarter Round Up 18/6/2019

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

Welcome to the first of my new-format news posts. I've decided, instead of trying to do a bit of everything every day, which wasn't really practical or sustainable for me, I've decided to do a few regular round-ups of what's out there in the world of fantasy miniatures, and associated stuff. At the moment, the plan is to do Kickstarters on Tuesdays, busts and display models on Thursdays, tabletop miniatures on Saturdays and associated things (books, paints, etc.) on Sundays. That's the plan, anyway. Let's see how it works out....
So, on with the show...As this is the first catchup of what's out there, there's quite a lot to get through. Click on the images to be taken to the relevant Kickstarter pages.

We'll get started with a look at some miniatures-based games...

Ulfsark Games have Taiyo Dynasties, is a skirmish game for 2-4 players, set in a feudal Japan populated by animals instead of humans. The game is designed to be quick and easy to play, and the starter set contains everything you need for a two-player game, including two warbands of miniatures, cards and tokens. The play system is designed to be simple and easy to pick up and play, and the miniatures have bags of character, making this look like quite a fun game with some seriously high production values. There is only a couple of days left on this Kickstarter so, if you fancy a bit of animal-based samurai action, give them a look very soon.

From ancient Japan (sorta) we move to the near future with Omicron Protocol by Dead Alive Games. Set in the Intra-Apocalyptic world of 2050, where survivors must band together to escape the quarantined city of San Lazaro before a viral infection gets to them too. The game can be played by 2-4 players, but also offers a solo mode, and is played on a board, with two factions of survivors (Peacemakers and Survivalists) and the infected (CyMS) represented by plastic miniatures. The boxed set contains everything needed to play a 2-player game. The game mechanic is designed to allow each character to have their own story and abilities, while keeping the game simple to play. Again, this Kickstarter has only a short time left on it so have a look while you can.

The final game we'll be looking at shifts the action to deep underwater. B&B Games Studio bring us The Refuge: Terror From The Deep, a miniatures-based boardgame that can be played either as a 206 player competitive game, or as a 1-4 player solo or co-operative game, using different sides of the two-sided board. Players play as one of the six different divers, who must fight off the tentacles of the dreaded Kraken. The miniatures are 40mm, which allows them to be really detailed, and makes the Kraken a truly imposing sight. With tried and tested mechanics similar to their previous The Refuge: A Race For Survival, this promises to be a fun, frenetic game, ideal for a quick session. As I write this, there's ten days to go on this one, so go check it out.

Moving on to some miniatures Kickstarters...

Starting small, we have these 15mm Ratmen by Mallius Miniatures. This set includes all sorts of character models (and a Halfling!)

Staying with 15mm, we have The Ikwen Uprising by Loud Ninja Games. This range expands on a previously-available range of gun-toting lizard-men, including loads of new weapons.

Available in both 10mm and 28mm are the Infernal Chaos Dwarfs from Dancing Yak Miniatures. These models are obviously closely based on the 90's GW range of Chaos Dwarfs, albeit with a more twisted and exaggerated style. If you're one of the many who mourn the fact that GW consistently refuse to do anything with their own Chaos Dwarfs, these may well appeal to you.

A much smaller project are the Heroines by Eternalverse. This is a set of four women, ideal for D&D or any fantasy RPG, including a Cleric, a Rogue, a Warrior and an Apprentice Wizard available as miniatures and 3D files. Great sculpts, without being overburdened with loads of details and, hopefully, indicative of more to come.

Another set of miniatures ideal for your fantasy RPG evenings, these Eight 3D Printable Fantasy Heroes are from Medusa Miniatures. There's also a goat.

From a set that's trying to be realistic, to...well, I suppose there could be teddy bear soldiers somewhere in this infinite universe...Available as 3D files to print at home, it's the Urzan Liberty Corps from Ill Gotten Games. I really have nothing to add...

Sticking with a theme, we have The Angry Bears! (I somehow feel I should have written that in caps...) from Blind Beggar Miniatures. There's Oomans available too...Great sculpts.

One last set of armed animals, are the Murinae from Slap Miniatures. this delightful trio of sculpts includes a Warrior, Archer and Mage, with more to hopefully follow later.

Finally, I know I've mentioned these before, but there's only a few more days to go on them and, come on, it's Space Goblins by Kev Adams. What's not to love? The Space Raiders set from Knightmare Games comprises 10 of the Goblinmaster's finest and there's also some Mind Controllers by the equally legendary Bob Olley. Get them before they're gone.

And that's it for my round up of what's on Kickstarter at the moment. If you have a project that's due for launch soon, and you'd like me to preview it next week, just let me know. I'm also available for reviews if there's anything you'd like to send me to have a look at.

Thanks for reading!