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I'm Just A 20th Century Boy...

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Back in 2016 I was approached by Dave Taylor, admin of the Eavier Metal Facebook group, and asked if I would be interested in judging a competition he was organising as an offshoot of his "Throwback Thursday" slot in the group. The competition would be to paint miniatures that were at least 20 years old. I said I'd be honoured to do so and thus my fate was sealed. the 20 Year Challenge would go on to be an annual thing from then on. It's even made it into the illustrious pages of Fantasy Figures Internatonal!

This year, we've decided to change things up a bit, as it seemed a bit odd to have a throwback-based competition that covered up to 2003...* and so the 20 Year Challenge has become the 20th Century Challenge! So, seeing as the 20 Year Challenge has now (sort of) come to an end I thought it would be a good time to look back on all the winners from previous years...


The first year we really didn't know what to expect, and the turnout was much better than we'd thought it would be. We hadn't really bothered laying down any "proper" rules so the field was wide open, leading to some major headaches when it came to judging. 

1st Martin Grandbarbe
2nd Adrian Walters
3rd Marco Bariselli


This time, we decided to place a restriction on the maximum base size, to make it more of a level playing field, and to make it easier to do the judging. While it helped with the former, it really didn't help with the latter!

1st Johan Philipsen
2nd Dana Low
3rd Martin Waller

This year, as we'd been getting such a large variety of models and, again, in an attempt to make the judging process a little easier, we decided to split into two categories. I mean, in one regard it made it a little easier to sort through things, but it also meant I had doubled my workload when it came to making decisions! Also, apparently, this would turn out to be the year of the troll. I have no idea how that happened.
1st Euan Bingham
2nd Patric Sand
3rd Steven Rath
1st Scott Orr
2nd Richard Davis
3rd Steven Walk

People were getting used to the idea of this being an annual event by now, and were better prepared  when the time of the competition came around again. This meant a large jump in the amount of entries. 

1st Martin Grandbarbe
2nd Juan Fransisco Hidalgo
3rd Piers Brand
1st Martin Besomes
2nd Mariano Sanchez
3rd Donald Johanssen

We were really getting into our stride with the competition now. The categories and limitations had been nailed down for a couple of years, and we kept them the same to ensure as little confusion as possible. 
1st Chris Webb
2nd Dan Tibbals
3rd Walter Nunziati
1st Carl Bostrom
2nd Frederick Lybek
3rd Steven Rowlinson


1st Florian Tuffskull
2nd Lee Sandilands
3rd Frederick Lybek
1st Barnado Mtnz Grdo
2nd Dan Tibbals
3rd Alan Harper


1st Tim Marsh
2nd Alexandre Gill
3rd Keith Burden
1st Walter Nunziati
2nd Paulus Zubera
3rd Andy Cook

So there we have it, all the winners from the last seven years (and apologies if I've spelt anybody's names wrong!) Farewell to the 20 Year challenge, and welcome to the 20th Century Challenge! And, if you want to have a go at this year's competition, head on over to the Eavier Metal Facebook page and look for Dave Taylor's post with the rules. A couple of words of advice if you do feel like giving it a go: as this is an online competition, I don't have the luxury of having the models in-hand when it comes to judging them so good photos are essential. There's plenty of guides to photographing models online (Garfy's one over on Tale Of Painters is very good) and good results can be had with a good light and a decent mobile phone. Don't forget that you can upload more than one photo of your entry so, if there's a particularly great bit of it you want to show off, take an extra photo focusing on that bit. Also make sure you are following the rules. I try not to be too militant when it comes to applying them but lines eventually have to be drawn and it's heartbreaking to see a beautiful piece of work get pushed aside because the painter didn't follow the rules. There's not many rules in this competition, so following them shouldn't be hard. And that's it. I very much look forward to seeing what you all come up with and having a couple of stressful evenings going through what's entered. And good luck!

Thanks for reading!

p.s. if you like what I'm doing here, a click on the link below and the donation of the price of a pot of paint would be a wonderful gesture. I'm thinking of adding special stuff to the Ko-fi, like competitions and prize draws, so it'd be a good idea to at least have a look there now and then 😁 

* because, as we all know, 2003 was only a couple of years ago...

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