Thursday, 29 November 2018

Some thoughts on the 40k Vigilus Weekender and the death of mini Golden Demons.

Evening all!
So, last weekend was the Warhammer 40,000 Vigilus Weekender at Warhammer World, and what a highly enjoyable thing it was too. GW is really getting into the swing of these events and I really enjoy them. Although there's obviously not as much going on as at something like Warhammer Fest, there's still plenty to keep a fan occupied and, of course, being staged at WHW means that there's always the opportunity to spend some time wandering around the diorama displays and 'eavy Metal cabinets, something which I love doing.
The dioramas have had so much thought and work gone into them, they really do boggle the mind, and there's so much to see it's impossible to take it all in. I swear, next time, I'm just going to focus on a couple of the displays and really take the time to look in depth at them. The 'eavy Metal displays are even more of a draw for me, though. The chance to get to see the studio collection up close and personal is one that should never be missed. The photos online and in GW's publications really don't do these models justice. Being able to see them in the flesh really makes you appreciate the skill on display. Take it from someone who served nearly ten years as a member of 'eavy Metal- these guys are good. The work they are turning out now is head and shoulders above what we were doing back in the 90's. Next time, though, I must remember to take my glasses...
So, aside from the existing Warhammer World displays, the Weekender played host to a few members of the studio, including painters, artists sculptors and White Dwarf crew, plus stands from the various digital licensees. These are great to see and, because there are fewer people at these sort of events than at WHFest, it's easier to get to talk to the personalities, and to see the things they've brought along. I was able to have good long chats with artists Luke Blick and Lewis Jones, who were able to give me some really useful advice regarding digital illustration, something I really want to get into in the future. I also managed to catch up with old chums Dave Thomas and Aly Morrison. Oh, and Jonathan Taylor-Yorke, one day you and I will have that pint and a proper chat!
On a personal note, it was amazing to meet the great Tommie Soule and see his superb Ragnar Blackmane in the flesh for the first time. What a piece of work (and the miniature isn't bad, either...). Also a shout out to the ever-enthusiastic and marvellous Art Steventon, who was literally the first thing I encountered as I entered the arena. One of these days I'd love to be able to sit down and have a proper chat with that bloke.
On the whole, it was a great day. I only wish I'd had more time to explore everything. I never seem to have the chance to try out one of the demo games, or any of the digital stuff at these things, and I really should, as they really go out of their way to put on a good show of these parts of the hobby too.
Finally, thoughts come down to the painting competition. This was, as I'm given to understand, the last ever "mini" Golden Demon. From now on, GD competitions will only be held at WHFest and the open days, weekenders, etc. will host their own painting competitions. I'm in two minds about this. I understand the desire to re-establish the exclusivity of the Golden Demon and make it something special again, but I do wonder if that will mean the other painting competitions will be seen as not as worthy. I guess time will tell, and it remains to be seen what the format of the new competitions will be. Hopefully they will maintain some of the desirability of GD and still attract the "names" and the level of competition that comes with them.
As for myself, I was chuffed to bits to receive a finalist pin for my Ork Kommando. Having left it somewhat to the last minute (again...) and not being able to get quite the level of finish that I wanted due to running out of time, to get to the finalists was a hugely pleasant surprise.
So that's that. The next event for me will be Warhammer Fest in April/May, and I've got big plans for that one. I've already started work on my entries for it so, hopefully, it won't be such a mad rush to finish this time...
Yeah, right...
Okay, I'm away off, but I'll leave you with a piccie of my Ork Kommando with his pin. There'll be more pics of him on my Facebook page in the next couple of days.