Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Eldar Phantom Titan: The Prologue

So here we are with the biggest single job I've ever been faced with: The Forge World Eldar Phantom Titan. A monstrous collection of resin parts that come together to make a huge, elegant war machine, towering over the battlefield. I've never even attempted a kit this big (unless you count the 1/72 Millenium Falcon, Saturn V and Space Shuttle kits I did as a wee lad) so to say it is somewhat daunting is to exhibit huge understatement.
However, we must rise to these challenges!
I knew this would be unlike any other project I had attempted before, so I did my research. Fortunately there are a couple of blogs by those who have attempted such a project here and here, and these have proved invaluable, if only to get me thinking outside my usual parameters of projects of no more than 50mm in height...
As this is a Forge World model, the first thing to do was to check that I had all the components...

My first reaction was, "Gosh*, that's a lot of bits."
My second reaction was, "Crikey**, some of those bits are really big. This thing is even bigger than I thought it was."
So, once I'd got over my initial shock, it was time to make some trips to the kitchen sink and give all these bits a thorough soaking and scrubbing in soapy water, to try and get all the mould release agent off. Having done that I needed to straighten out a couple of the bits (mostly the guns) with the aid of my trusty hair dryer and steel myself for the construction of this beastie.
But first, I had to make its base...

To Be Continued...

*I might not have used the word, "Gosh."
**I definitely didn't use the word, "Crikey."

Sunday, 25 February 2018

The road to Coventry...part one

It's time to start preparing for the 2018 Golden Demons.
Last year, a miracle happened. Actually two miracles happened. The first miracle was that I actually finished an entry for Golden Demon. Here it is:
It was entered into the 'Eavy Metal Masters category, which sounds an awful lot grander than it is. What it is is a level playing field, where no conversions are allowed, the specific miniature to paint being chosen by the judges and announced before the event. So the competition comes down to the best paint job on the specific miniature.
And I came third! This was the second miracle because the competition was tough and, frankly, I'd have been chuffed if I'd just placed as a finalist. To win a bronze trophy was way above what I could have hoped for.
Which brings us to this year. 
This is the miniature they've chosen for this year's competition:
It's the Stormcast Eternal Errant Questor from Warhammer Quest. It's a good choice, with lots of scope for different things to do with it. I've actually already painted one for a commission a little while ago. Here it is:
As you can see, I've gone for a darker variation of the standard colours on this one. Now, there's nothing wrong with that 'un, but it's obviously far short of Golden Demon standard, although it was good practice. 
So, what am I going to do with my new one? Well, I've got me a hankering to do it in the colours of the Celestial Vindicators. Their armour is a rich turquoise, which is a colour I really like and that works well on the armour of these models. Here's where I'm at so far:
So, loads of progress made so far...Well, it's a start...
I'll be updating this as I go along. The aim this year is to top last year, so I'm looking for a silver at least. I know it's a big ask, and I'll be happy just to place but, hey, if you don't set goals, you can't achieve them...and, hey, maybe another miracle (or two) can happen!
Also, I have plans for other category entries to, time willing. More on that soon.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

It's my blog and I'll re-start it if I want to...

Greetings, salutations and good morning to you all!
Welcome to my new(ish) blog. Seeing as the existing blog was almost totally non-existent  I have, in my infinite wisdom, decided to start over. New year, new logo (and I promise I'll stick with this one...) With previous attempts I've struggled to keep up with new stuff (for various reasons) but I'm hoping that, this time, I'm going to be able to maintain a higher rate of updates and new posts.
I've got some interesting projects on the go at the moment, both in terms of commissions (including the biggest single piece I've ever done, or am ever likely to do...) and a few personal projects, and I'll be showing the progress of them. I'm also planning some tutorials  and reviews as well as a few other bits and pieces so, hopefully, I'll have plenty of content to throw at you.
I've got a few posts half-prepared already and I'll be uploading them over the next few days so please keep an eye out, keep following and tell all your friends!
Right now, though, it's George Lucas time (11:38) and I've got stuff to be getting on with.
More soon!