Sunday, 30 October 2016

White Dwarf and 40k Legends: Recommended for you.

Morning all!
Sorry there wasn't an entry last week. I was away visiting a friend so I had no chance to write anythying up and I hadn't got anything prepared in advance (as if...) so, I'm afraid, I had to give it a miss.
However, to make up for it, this week I have got two entries for you.
You LUCKY people!

First up is something that I've been meaning to do for a few weeks now: a couple of brief reviews. Well, I say "reviews" but that's a bit grandiose, really. I'm not much one for reviews (either reading them or writing them) as they are usually so subjective. There's not much point in reading someone else's opinion on something as it's unlikely to be anything near 100% along the lines of what you would think. One man's meat, etc. etc.
So think of these more as personal recommendations rather than in-depth reviews. Take them or leave them as much as you like.


It cannot have escaped your attention that White Dwarf, after a brief experiment as a weekly, has reverted to it's monthly format and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Let me say this: I actually liked the weekly. It had its faults, for sure (the format didn't allow for any in-depth articles, far too much of it was promoting the week's releases and there was a lot of wasted space) but I enjoyed my weekly fix of new stuff. Still, for all that, I'm very glad to see the return of the monthly magazine. And a magazine it actually is. No longer can it be dismissed as merely an advert for the month's big release. It has proper articles covering all aspects of the hobby and, along with much of GW's output at the moment, it seems that the management is actually listening to their customer base. Many fan-favourites have returned (proper battle reports, Tale of Gamers, 'eavy Metal Masterclass) and, three issues in, the magazine seems to be finding its feet quite nicely. It's better than it was in the period leading up to the change to weekly and (whisper it) could be heading for another golden age of the Dwarf. Production values are as good as you'd expect, there's a good spread of articles, al ot less white space (they've managed to find a smaller font size...) and they have actually found their sense of humour again. They even have a Facebook page where they welcome feedback and you might even end up on the letters page. A letters page in White Dwarf! The latest issue can be bought here and I recommend you give it a chance, even if you've long since given up on the magazine. You may be presently surprised.


This one is a little different. It's one of those partwork thingamies and is produced, under licence, by Hachette. You know how it works, every week (or two weeks, in this case) a new volume is released in order to build up a complete collection. To ensure you buy the complete collection they are not released in the correct numerical order and have a piece of artwork that stretches along the spines. If you don't get the whole lot you don't get the whole picture. It all seems a little sneaky to the cynical type but you can understand the policy- it must cost a lot to produce a set like this and they need a proper return on their investment. However, the buyer equally needs a return on their investment and this set delivers in spades. Covering the Horus Heresy as well as "present day" WH40k stories the hardback books are beautifully produced brand new editions, with a colour section of artwork and background and occasional extra notes from the writer or others. While the choice of stories produced is bound to be somewhat arbitrary and some favourites are bound to be left out, there's no skimping on the quality and they will certainly look superb on the shelf, once all 80(!) volumes are collected. There's also the usual added bonus items for subscribers which are of equal quality. Again, I highly recommend checking these out. It might seem like a large investment but, at just £10 each, these really are a bargain. I was going to add a caveat that they would only really be of interest to those who have not read the stories or got the books before but, with the quality of the editions (and subscriber bonuses), I would have to recommend them to those who already have other editions. Here's hoping they are successful enough to encourage them to do a Warhammer set too (but not until this set is done, please- the wallet won't stretch to two sets running at the same time...) Check out the collection webpage here or their Facebook page and see what you think.

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