Sunday, 11 September 2016

WELCOME! (back...)

Hi all,
Welcome to my new(ish) revamped blog. I really haven't been keeping this page as up to date as I'd like to have so I've decided to make a fresh start (with a brand new logo and everything!)
I've decided to try and make Sunday's my blogging day so keep an eye out for new posts appearing on a weekly basis and feel free to chastise me if one fails to materialise. I am generally fairly hopeless at keeping to such schedules so the occassional poke in the ribs will hopefully keep me on track.
I have actually got a fair amount of content planned (and some bits have even been started): a couple of reviews; one or two tutorials and a huge backlog of photos of figures to post so keep your eyes peeled for stuff appearing.
That's about all I have to say for now (got to finish cooking the Sunday roast) but I hope I'll see you all soon.


If you have any comments to make, please do so. Suggestions for content are always welcome too.